Studio I Project—now in 3D!

The next component to my studio project. A magnetic "design your own horoscope." Kinda like the magnetic poetry you put on your fridge.

Studio I Class

Studio I Project

All term I've been working on a project based on the idea of "coincidence." I decided to focus on the coincidence of predictions, specifically horoscopes. Below are two posters—one is more of an infographic, the other is image based and furthers my concept.

Korean Brush Lettering

In type club we learned how to write our name in Korean using their traditional techniques. It's kind of sloppy and the marks are unsure, but it's mine.


Web Project 02

A conceptual site based on the concept of The Medium is the Massage by Marshall McLuhan. Strangely, his concepts go well with Alice in Wonderland. All CSS3 transformations. You better view it in Safari otherwise it's kind of gross.


Web Project 01

I've been neglecting my blog. Back again now that the term is almost over. This was my very first project for my very first graphic design class at SCAD (yay!).



The Last Big End of Drawing!

The objective—to contrast two formal elements of drawing, combine two dissimilar concepts to create a new meaning, integrate a found object, use an alternative drawing surface, employ both wet and dry media, establish and break the picture plane, and find an interesting way to display your work.

This is mine. I call it Home vs. Away (ft. an old funky suitcase.) Kind of a personal narrative.


A Different Perspective

Sighting perspective drawing done from a town square in Savannah. Not so crazy about plein air.


Déjà vu.

Color theory. I feel like I've taken this class somewhere before...